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Richard Schaefer
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There are many potential customers that do not use Tuya devices because of the cloud connection.
The Tuya Smart app can pair to a Tuya Device AND control it without ever connecting to the cloud.
So the local key is available to the App that performed the pairing.
When the Tuya Smart app is NOT bound to a cloud account, we shoud be able to see the local key (in the Device Information Page) from the App that did the binding.
I am not sure it would be a problem to share this ALL the time to people that have an account that is paired to the cloud.

This will allow users that use LOCAL Tuya APIs to talk to the devices without ever connecting to the cloud.
THere are many users that continue to try and reverse engineer to obtain the local key. There is NO security loss to share this key with the User/App that performed the pairing.

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Re: Support for Cloud FREE environment

There is no reverse engineering necessary to obtain the local key. You just need to query devidce info in API Explorer. However, many devices sadly use the RAW data format and no documentation is available from their suppliers at all. They usually provide a mini app, but no information can be obtained from that.

So you can get the data locally from your local device, but you will not be able to understand it :-(

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